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Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience:
4 - 6 yrs
Age Group:
40 - 50 yrs
Arab Nationals
IT Knowledge:
Operating System-Windows
Arabic: Fluent
English: Fluent

Ref.No: 3670 Date of Posting: 16-Sep-2013
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Confidential Company
Job Description
A leading Kuwaiti Trading Company is looking for Building Supervisor as per the following details:

Job details:
A. Buildings’ Inspection and Management:
1. Inspects on a daily basis (or as scheduled) the Buildings’ structure and the physical status of the Lobby Areas, Elevators, Parking Lots, Back Areas, Basement, Storage area, Training Room, Roof, Apartments/Floors, Gym Area, and Swimming Pool.
2. Documents and develops a check list, after inspection, of all the work to be done and performs minor repair work or maintenance activities as needed
3. Continuously monitors the water level of the tanks and coordinates with the needed suppliers to take necessary action accordingly
4. Ensures that the security of the Buildings is well monitored:
o Checks all personnel accessing the Buildings whether Guests or employees or workers
o Checks that all Door Locks of all areas are secured and well maintained: Entrance, Back Doors, Basement Entrance, and Apartments’ Locks.
5. Secures the presence of key duplicates for all apartments and ensures their presence in an inaccessible area
6. Distributes tasks among the Buildings Guards to ensure activities are being done according to pre-set plans.
7. Schedules and monitors the cleaning activities done at the Buildings for the Lobby Areas, Elevators, Parking Lots, Basement, Back Areas, Storage area, Training Room, Roof, Apartments/Floors, Gym Area, and swimming pool.
8. Coordinates, follows up and manages all renovations to be done at the Buildings and the Apartments and ensures work is implemented according to pre-set plans and schedules
Apartments’ and Residents’ Management:
1. Manages and responds to emergency calls from the employees residing at the Buildings and reports all incidents to the Company’s Management.
2. Implements on a weekly or monthly basis an inspection of all apartments to check the cleanliness level of the residents and identifies any damages done to the Company’s Furniture
3. Develops a check list of all items present at each apartment and continuously follows up on their status.
4. Follows up on the Shuttle Bus timings to pick up the employees from the company’s premises and bring them back to the accommodation.
5. Ensures that all needed employees are leaving the accommodation at the right time as per the schedule set and shared with him by the Company
6. Ensures that all employees are wearing proper attire and demonstrating the right hygiene level before leaving the premises
7. Solves and follows up on the internal accommodation problems in coordination with the company’s management
8. Follows up on the preparation activities to be done at the apartments before the arrival of new employees:
o Checks Apartments’ cleanliness and takes needed action accordingly
o Checks Apartments’ readiness and ensures that all HomeWare Items are properly allocated (Bed sheets, Bed Covers, Trash Bins…etc).
o Ensures that all delivered Food, Cleaning items and products are allocated properly at the apartments as per the Company’s Instructions.
9. Organizes the arrival of new employees and ensures that each new employee is allocated in the right apartment as per Company’s Instructions.
10. Follows up closely on the behavioral aspects of all employees and reports all needed information to management for the right action to be taken.
11. Ensures that all employees are demonstrating the right level of discipline inside their apartments, with their colleagues and at the Buildings’ Common Areas (Roof, Lobby, Swimming Pool, Training Room…etc)
Miscellaneous Activities:
1. Follows up with the F&B division to ensure that the right items are received and/or delivered from the Storage Area to the designated personnel
2. Continuously responds to Management’s requests to be available at the Company’s Property whenever work requires so
Degree Specifications
Graduate - BA in Business Administration
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