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Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience:
15 - 20 yrs
Age Group:
35 - 45 yrs
Arab Nationals
IT Knowledge:
Operating System-Windows
English: Fluent
Arabic: Fluent

Ref.No: 3828 Date of Posting: 27-May-2014
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Confidential Company
Job Description
A leading Kuwaiti Retail Company is looking for Chief Executive Officer as per the following details:

Objective of the Job:
The COO shall exercise overall control and supervision of all business activities of the Companies.


1. The COO identifies, develops and directs the implementation of business strategies
2. Ensure that the organization’s activities are accordingly planned and directed to achieve affirmed targets and standards for financial performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence
3. Ensure that all the risks attached to the company’s activities, including investments, external communication, institutional relations and legal compliance are regularly and properly evaluated, monitored and adequately secured,
4. Ensure local and international legislation requirements are fulfilled at all times
5. Ensure that the organizational culture and reputation in the market is maintained and developed.
6. Ensure Legal, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and other related committee meetings are convened regularly and chaired by the COO.
7. Has contact within the organization and/or outside the organization
8. Represents the company in all aspects of the business internally and externally with all partners.
9. The sound operations of the institution will depend critically on the guidance given to the Management by the Chief Executive Officer. He shall be fully responsible to the President for the day to day running of the company. There are major responsibilities the Chief Executive Officer is expected to undertake and these include but not limited to the following:
- Ensure that the policies defined by the President in the companies overall corporate strategy are implemented.
- Identify and recommend to the President competent officers to manage the operations of the company. In the fulfillment of this duty.
- Co-ordinate the management of the various departments within the company
- Establish and maintain efficient and adequate internal control systems
- Design and implement the necessary management information systems in order to facilitate efficient and effective communication within the company
- Ensure that the President is frequently and adequately appraised about the operations of the company through presentation of relevant reports, which must globally cover, but not limited to, the actual performance compared with the past performance and the budget together with explanations of all the variances
- Ensure that the company complies with all the relevant and other applicable laws in the execution of its operations.


• Shape strategic thinking: inspire a sense of purpose and direction, strategic focus, ability to recognize opportunities, shows judgment, intelligence and common sense.
• Achieves results: Organizational capability, professional expertise, implement changes, ability to clarify ambiguities, closure and delivery
• Exemplifies personal drive and integrity: professionalism and probity, risk taking and personal courage, action orientation, resilience, self awareness, commitment to personal development
• Cultivate productive working relationships; nurture internal and external relationships, facilitates co-operation and partnerships, values differences and diversity, guides, mentors and develop people
• Communicates with influence: communicates clearly, listens, understands and adapts to different audiences, negotiate persuasively

Results measuring:

The COO will be evaluated on the following KPI’s:

1. The company results realization – P&L
2. The company commercial result realization (sale/ volumes)
3. The company customer satisfaction ( market share )
4. The company employee value (turnover/ target realization)
5. Compliance with market regulation (legislation compliance)
6. Internal/ External audit reports
7. Appraisal by the President
Degree Specifications
Graduate - BA in Business Administration
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