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Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience:
3 - 7 yrs
Age Group:
25 - 40 yrs
IT Knowledge:
Operating System-Windows
Arabic: Average
English: Fluent

Ref.No: 3977 Date of Posting: 02-Mar-2015
Landscape Designer Bookmark and Share
Confidential Company
Job Description
A Leading Agricultural Company is looking for Landscape Designer as per the following details:

• Using creativity and the beauty of nature to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and functional area. Areas may include personal lawns, parks, highways, walkways, and more.
• Planning the finished product, tying in new features with current ones, by sketching it to scale. These drawings will be very detailed, down to the window and door placement on the buildings.
• Performing site analyses that include the assessment of current plants, soil conditions, lighting, the view, and architecture style of the house.
• The ability to communicate well both with clients and other types of workers (contractors, supervisors, etc) on the landscaping team.
• Researching topics such as plants and their ability to survive in an area, guidelines and codes.
• Make public presentations when necessary to discuss the project, complete with charts, sketches, and so forth.
• Reviewing plans, proposed changes, and any other necessary documents.
• Oversees progression of the project to ensure that it is going as planned.
• Keeping records, including everything from correspondence to reports.
Degree Specifications
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