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Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience:
2 - 4 yrs
Age Group:
25 - 35 yrs
Arab Nationals
IT Knowledge:
Operating System-Windows
Arabic: Fluent
English: Fluent

Ref.No: 4225 Date of Posting: 15-Jul-2016
Dispatch Coordinator Bookmark and Share
Confidential Company
Job Description
A leading Oil and Gas Service Company is looking for Dispatcher as per the following details:
• Coordinate the movement of truck and deliveries with customers and contractor. • Coordinate receiving of purchased finished goods from suppliers to ensure stock availability.
• Plan and arrange deliveries according to weekly schedule/requests received by Sales. • Track and ensure all the available tankers in the facility are filled and ready for dispatch.
• Perform proper handover between shifts by recording activities already performed or pending for the following shift in the Log book.
• Update daily Distribution activity reports such as tanker/trailer location, Distribution consolidated report, weekly plan, etc.
• Supervise and direct drivers and labors for Distribution activities. • Inspect the cleanliness of all vehicles and ensure loaded/unloaded products are as per Sales order.
• Attend customer’s direct calls to dispatch center. • Report to maintenance for any vehicle malfunction experienced by the drivers.
• Maintain a filing system for the safety checklist prior and after delivery. • Perform all Distribution activities in the ERP system, filling of vehicles, receiving from suppliers, pick release the ordered quantities and ship confirm the delivered quantity.
• Prepare delivery notes through the system or manually in case of any system failure.
• Ensure the job is performed by adhering to safety standards applicable.
• Report immediately all incidents, accidents, unsafe condition to the immediate supervisor.
• Protect environment, operate on a clean basis, and achieve sustainable development.
• Accountable for own health and safety and do not put others at risk in the course of work performance. • Comply with company policies and procedures at all times. • Perform other duties as assigned.
Degree Specifications
Graduate - BA in Business Management
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