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Preferred Candidate

Years of Experience:
12 - 14 yrs
Age Group:
35 - 45 yrs
Arab Nationals
IT Knowledge:
Operating System-Windows
Arabic: Fluent
English: Fluent

Ref.No: 4399 Date of Posting: 27-Dec-2017
Production & Marketing Branches Manager Bookmark and Share
Confidential Company
Job Description
A leading Kuwaiti Insurance Company is looking for Production & Marketing Branches Manager as per the following details:

Job details:
- Determine the customers' needs of insurance services, present the company products and services, addressing special attention to the new marketing products.
- Develop and advance the company businesses to solicit key accounts and maintain the offering of outstanding services to them, in coordination with the concerned organizational units.
- Develop executive plans, policies, sales budgets and their objectives, to correspond with the future marketing plans in coordination with the products marketing and development.
- Control production, sale of the company products and services, whether through the company, producers or commission insurance offices and agencies approved by the company and sign contracts with them.
- Coordinate and cooperate with the financial affairs in connection with the financial matters such as credit and debts ceiling, organize the process of collecting the company's dues from its customers.
- Organize and arrange the collection process, communicate with the legal affairs in case the required amounts in favor of the company are not collected, furnish it with the required data and information.
- Develop the service center by phone (call center) whereby it offers main services to market all products, guide and direct customers, receive their opinions and proposals.​
- Ensure the optimum use of information technology available at work, as well as use the internet for marketing the insurance services of various kinds, communicate and accomplish works.
- Maintain the production and sale documents in central archive files, in such a manner so that they are easily accessible in the future.
- Coordinate to offer effective services to the customers and solve their problems, ensure customers satisfaction with the company products and services, their accurate information about them and update them.
- Propose expansion plans in space and time, determine their execution requirements of human factors and the cost, as part of a feasibility study.
- Ensure the implementation of the company decrees and circulars, compliance with the policies, rules, systems and approved procedures.
- Prepare the reports on regular basis, submit information about market information, suitable proposals for developing the progress of work, coordinate the same with the other organizational units at the company.
- Undertake any other tasks related to the job.
Degree Specifications
Graduate - BA in Marketing Management
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